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  1. Evelina says:

    Very moving and inspiring at the same time! If people with physical or mental disabilities, people suffering injuries and traumas can achieve all these things , we , “the healthy” people DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT to complain. Just the opposite – we should do the impossible, just like them ! Great trailors! Congrats!

  2. Carol B says:

    So proud to stand behind our documentaries, absolutely honored to be part of Polaris Global.

  3. Shannon says:

    I own a copy of surfing with the enemy, unbeaten and kids with cameras. They are all excellent and very different from each other but surfing with the enemy is by far the greatest out of the three if your wondering which one to purchase first.

  4. Gordon Keddie says:

    Always great when people give back to the human race, Comedy is a fantastic way to make someones day and lighten their load a little.
    I am proud to be involved with a company that has so much compassion, Thank you Polaris, Shane, Rachel, Greg and all the team.

  5. Fiona says:

    Inspiring and powerful story’s … Greg’s Talent, Shane’s Vision and Rachel’s Enthusiasm is a mixture of true brilliance!

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